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Moto was such a great dog, and you three absolutely great companions. I'm happy I eventually made the cut to Moto accepting me, and he always had such great birthday parties.

Salmon is happy Moto taught him the hiking ropes and let him be a “Mr. Steal Yo Girl” during wine and cheese nights.

Well miss you, Moto and we’ll all see you after a lifetime over the rainbow bridge.
Kendal, Salmon and Prescott - January 23, 2021
Sending you both virtual hugs. So sorry!!Camille Perez - January 22, 2021
Mo, Lead Dawg, thanks for all the epic adventures and unforgettable memories. You've left some HUGH pawprints to follow. For sure no one can sing like you and challenge your vocabulary and spelling ability. When things start to get rowdy at the dog park, everyone cringes waiting for the "sheriff" to come parading on the field dealing out the shock and awe of his bellowing bow wow. People always ask who is that masked dog with the sly smile. My faithful friend, I wish I could reach out and pet your head and squeeze your paws. We will love you forever, and you will always be in our hearts and minds. Your memory is a blessing.grandpa . - January 22, 2021
My heart ached , and continues to do so, after reading the most loving tribute, Melissa. I am sad for your loss, but I am also happy that you and Moto found each other. Sending you and Derek strength and healing vibes. Yes, you were loved unconditionally, and that's such an incredible experience. I know that Moto didn't want to leave your side, but the Ackermanns will be watched over. It's been a while since we met at field hockey tournaments, Melissa, but that has never lessened my connection with my hockey family. Thank you for reading.Sharon Mayer-Grady - January 22, 2021
Run free sweet pup. I will always remember you sitting by the sidelines at Field Hockey watching Derick play. Say hello to our Scooby us.

I’m so sorry for your loss guys. Sending hugs and healing thoughts!
Tracy Leal - January 22, 2021
Sending you, Derek, and the rest of your “pack” a big hug!Lori Englander - January 22, 2021
We all loved Moto and knew how much he meant to you. We’re so glad you have so many years of adventures to remember him by, and we’ll miss him giving us the side eye when we walk in to your house. Sending you, Derek and Meeko so much love. We’ll miss you, Moto!Ashley, Ian & Camden Brown - January 22, 2021
Dear Melissa
Thank you for such kind words. It was truly my honor to help your adventurous, outspoken boy through his time of need. Moto was such a handsome guy! It was clear what a devoted companion he was & how deeply cherished he was in your home. I hope the happy memories you have of him will soothe both of your hearts, and that every day is a little easier.
All the best,
Dr Alex
Alexandra Au - January 20, 2021

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