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Love you Bella❤️ Have fun playing with Paco and Zipper!!Kenny Miller - January 25, 2020
Love and miss you Bella Bella!!! So glad we got to celebrate your awesome Quinceañera and your permit! You’ve always been so polite and sweet when I was in your face! 🐶💗 Love you so much Isabella!!! (Aka our girrrrlfriend)Cayden Miller - January 25, 2020
We miss you Isabella. You always made me smile when I would say your name and put your food down and you would jump in a circle before you started eating :) I love youEric Miller - January 23, 2020
Sweet Isabella!!! You will be missed!! Snuggle up with Paco.Judy Kranz - January 23, 2020
Love you Isabella. Stick with Paco❤️Debbie Miller - January 23, 2020
Isabella was the last of her litter and relegated to a small blue box. We brought her home to be a companion to Paco, our lone chihuahua...and then gave them 3 more for a blended chihuahua family. She had a loving family for 15 years and was cherished by all! We miss her but know that Paco has his companion again! Love you Baby Bella💔Dennis Miller - January 23, 2020

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