1/21/2021Mickey you were one of my greatest love's in life. As a person who comes off as hard, you brought out the kindness in my spirit. You were like a child to me and brought me so much joy. You were such a happy soul, always wagging your tail.... almost non stop. The curious things about you.... like why you liked to sit on people’s shoulders and on their head if they were laying down made me drawn to you so much more. How you like to be held like a baby and naw on peoples noses when you were excited. All memories that I will cherish forever. You didn’t have an easy life.....multiple medical conditions, many scares and many miracles. The fact that you held on for so long and so well... truly amazing and a testimony to your Inner strength and lust for life. Thank you for joining me in this tough journey called existence. I hope we brought even half as much joy to you as you did to us. I love you forever.... my little friend. Your 7 years on this planet were cut too soon for everyone you had encountered. Thank you thank you thank you. You are LOVED!Houston, TexasJanuary 22, 2021
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Your message was so from the heart. . My heart is filled with love for you and your caring kindness to this little pup. You have a soft heart and those who really know you , get that.
Your comfort will be in knowing you helped end his suffering.
You did everything you could for Mickey.
Janet Ireland - January 24, 2021
Very sorry for your loss, Mickey was a great dog and was very lucky to have such loving dads who spoiled him and took such great care of him through his health troubles. He will definitely be missed.
-Doug and Jack.
Doug Golden - January 23, 2021
So sorry for your loss. Losing a special, bonded pet child is so hard. We are still mourning our Ni cat. May you two have the peace of knowing he will always be in your heart and memories. Take care of of yourselves for the next few months and be good to yourself while you are noting the loss of this little guy.Holly Delaney - January 23, 2021
I know how much you loved Mickey. He also knows how much he was loved! He was a special little guy.
His personality made him one of kind!!!
Kathy Outten - January 23, 2021

I am so sorry to hear this awful news. I know how much Mickey meant to you. You gave him a great and full life and took such great care of him, and he was as lucky to have you as you were to have him. Losing a beloved pet is just awful, and my heart is with you. If there’s anything you need, just name it. Peace and light, brother.

Ben Williams - January 23, 2021
I don’t know of any dog that was loved more than Brady loved you.Steve Roberts - January 23, 2021
Mickey was the sweetest little dog in all the land. His passing will leave a hole in everyone’s heart.Donna Bocchetto - January 23, 2021
Dear Brady,
What a beautiful, touching eulogy. Mickey and you were so lucky to have shared each other’s lives, even for only 7 years. It is truly amazing how full of love and joy a dog can be, and how they share that with us and make us better people. I know Mickey had a wonderful life with you and was deeply loved. Cherish your memories of this dear dog - it’s so hard to lose them but we are lucky to have them. Much love and sympathy to you! RIP Mickey!
Nancy Greig - January 23, 2021
Brady. I truly feel your pain. I’ve lost 3 children. Hannibal st Barnard. Old yeller yellow lab. Teddy 2nd yellow lab. They brought so much joy to my life. I still miss them today. Be grateful for the love you and Mickey shared. Your lives were better because you shared it. Mourn but be happy for time you shared together. ❤️ You are in my thoughts. Love. Your friend foreverDorothy Malone - January 23, 2021
Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ll miss so much the shoulder sits and nose bites. He really was the happiest of babies especially considering what he went through health wise. Blessed to have him in my life.Erik Gibson - January 23, 2021
Mickie was such an awesome little guy. So brave, so loyal and so sweet with those he loved. May he Rest In Peace, knowing that he was so well loved and cared for.

Love you Mickie!

Carin Hagberg - January 23, 2021

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