Sunshine Christine
1/22/2021Sunshine Christine you were my best friend in the whole world. I remember getting you from my grandmother who saw you, your mother and your siblings at an auto repair shop. I’ll admit after losing my first cat Bingo when I was 8 I wasn’t sure if I could find it in my heart to love another cat. You came into my life constantly wanting to be with me, cuddle with me, and you loved watching tv with me. You taught an 8th grader the meaning of true responsibility and you taught me how to care for someone else other than myself. You were by my side no matter what. You were there when I experienced so of the most hurtful times in my life. I wasn’t a very happy or friendly child but you found it in your heart to still love me all the same. You were my friend, my confidant, my protector and you just were all around such a loving, positive spirit in my life. You showed me what true unconditional love was. Even though I wasn’t perfect you still loved me. You accepted me at face value and you never left me to face things alone. I’ll never forget how you would always sit in my lap when I was upset or how you would lick my face when I cried. Every time I was sick you were there with nothing but love and affection. When the kids at school were mean to me I knew I could come home and you’d be there waiting for me with love and cuddles. Oh Sunshine Christine I miss you so much.Jasmine LawsonNovi, MichiganJanuary 23, 2021
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