Beethoven Sternhill
3/1/2014 - 1/6/2020We miss you so much already, Beethoven. You were so beautiful with your white fur and blue eyes, just like Grandma Bernice. We will miss your unique personality, especially when you became Shoe Monster when you used to drag sneakers from the bathroom to the bedroom and just recently, you even pulled it up on the bed with you, and all the while, you were talking and telling us how proud you were of what you were doing, but you would never let us see you doing it. Your friend, Mozart, misses you already. You taught him everything you knew when he came to us as a kitten - you trained him well. We will miss seeing you sleeping in your favorite places; on the corner of the couch on your favorite blanket, or we would find you in one of the cat beds, but mostly you slept on the special blanket on the foot of our bed. Your mommy will miss you every night when you would cuddle with her when she first got into bed. You would lay against me and purr as if to tell me all was right with the world and it was time for both of us to go to sleep. I miss you so much every night since you left us. We hope you are happy and carefree and free of sickness. Until we meet again, you will never be forgotten.Ellen SternhillHenderson, NevadaJanuary 9, 2020
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