Max Wolfe
10/10/2011 - 11/11/2019Max was a handsome 120lbs German Shepard and with his dark coat he looked mean and nasty but the truth was he was acted like a puppy his whole life. He was always playful and silly. Max had different barks for different people. When Dominica, Natasha, Claudia or Zach came home he would he would bark like he hadn't seen them for years even if they only went out to take the garbage out. When strangers came to the house it was a loud deep warning bark to let them know his family was in the house and he was on patrol. He was the kind of dog that was always ready to go out and play, it was next to impossible to go out of the house and not have Max knock you over while you were walking out the door. Max would greet everyone in the family when we got home no matter what time it was, school, work, sports late night parties. there was no sneaking in the house after staying out a little too late for the kids. Max brought joy, fun and lightened the load to all that knew him everyday. ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN. I'm sure he's catching lacrosse balls and chasing squirrels.Eric Wolfemount Sinai, New YorkNovember 14, 2019
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