8/20/2005 - 1/15/2020Diamond dear, we miss you so much. When you were born, no one thought you would survive. You were the size of a bumblebee. You looked frail, but you were so much tougher than anyone would believe. You not only survived, you became the sparkling princess of your household, commanding your brother and your people to do your will. And we were happy to serve you! We miss your woo-wooing and stamping hop to go out or eat. We miss you snuggling against us, taking up more chair or bed than such a tiny puppy should be able to take. We miss you trying to keep up with your brother's zoomies. You were an eternal puppy until your very end. We will always miss you. No one will ever be able to make our lives sparkle like you did. But you are with your brother now. Find a nice patch of grass with plenty of crickets to hunt. Until we can see your wagging tail again...we love you.Lexington, KentuckyJanuary 20, 2020
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