3/22/2007 - 11/27/2020Janet, you are gone from us much too soon. You were such a comfort and a delight during this terrible year that is 2020, and all the years that you were part of our family. We hoped to have a few more years with you but it wasn't meant to be. You were the smartest, kindest, most patient feline family member we have had, and yet you were also the embodiment of feistiness and independence that cat lovers characterize as "tortitude." You never tolerated being held or sitting on laps, but you were happy to sit next to us on the sofa or in the bed, for hours, occasionally warming your paws against us and always warming our hearts. We miss your tiny cheerful chirps and your big, brassy, demanding yowls you vocalized when someone was cooking or eating beef in your presence. The birds outside the window miss your bright eyes and gentle chattering. The house is too quiet without the sound of your toenails clicking as you walked down the hallway. We miss the alarm clock of your velvety paws running across our pillows as soon as the sun came up. We ate cheeseburgers while sitting on the sofa last night and were sad that you weren't here to yowl, make graceful leaps across our laps and demand your share of them. If there is a kitty heaven, may you have all the cheeseburgers your deserve there.Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaNovember 28, 2020
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You'll always be my baby cat.Brett Clement - November 30, 2020
We're so sorry you lost your little friend, Janet. She was such a nice little cat and so pretty. We know you will miss her. You have been exceptional care givers to your cats and they knew it, too. She loved you as much as you loved her. Keep the good memories of her.Jack and Linda Battershell - November 29, 2020
Missing you today, Janney.Jodi Battershell - November 29, 2020
Janet was a true queen, a pair for the Kings. She was an elusive puffball of eyes under the couch until she warmed up to you but then she would flop around for pets. Brett and Jodi loved her a lot and so did I. She was such a tiny dainty thing with so much attitude. I am so sorry for your losses, Kings and Janet, seemed like oil and water for how different they were but they were the perfect pieces of a puzzle, dearly missed ❤️Ranie Carson - November 29, 2020

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