1/22/2007 - 5/29/2020This past Friday we had to let our precious Lucy go. She was suffering from hemagiosarcoma and lived approximately one month following her splenectomy. Sadly the cancer aggressively spread to her liver and was causing a fatal bleed. We are grateful for the additional month we had with her though.

Lucy was surrounded by her dog mother me, her dog father, my husband and her dog grandfather . We spent the last 2 hours of her life hugging her, feeding her her favorite cookies, and thanking her for all the love she gave us. Her beautiful brown eyes were so expressive and she knew the end was near. Her cat sister Gatta came and comforted her as well.

Lucy was the most precious gentle soul of any dog I have ever had the pleasure of calling my companion. Not to mention she was beautiful with a white and blond coat that was extremely unique.

Lucy was always there with me as I went through some of the worst moments in my life. She loved unconditionally no matter what the circumstances were. When I spent three months on a ventilator following a botched hysterectomy she came to visit me in the ICU. You can see from the picture I added that she wasn’t scared, but rather reassuring me it was all going to be ok.

I love you Lucy. I always will.

I can’t say enough about how special she was and how much my heart aches without her.
Christine TenleyRoswell, GeorgiaMay 31, 2020
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Lucy, we're lighting a candle in your memory and know that the love you gave to your dog parents and grandparents can never be replaced.

Alvin & David Gregory-Yarborough - June 1, 2020
Such a sweet soul and beautiful dog. Sending all of our love and condolences / Nina Maja, Drew, Olive, and PhoebeNina Maja Bergmar - June 1, 2020

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