3/15/2019 - 10/18/2019Cooper became my beloved pet at 9 mos old. He was a terror. Everything the previous owner said he didn't do he did and did and did. He was such a challenge. I understand now that Pomeranian and Yorkie are the hardest breeds to train. Well he was BOTH! Wow. But what a love he was. Such a personality. He would run up on my chest when I was lying down and cock his head back and forth as if to say, I'm here! Aren't I cute? Don't you want to play.? Such a love. When Cooper first came to me he had very little trust. He had separation anxiety and he eliminated himself everywhere. After 3 years I was able to eliminate some of his fears. He finally learned to potty outside! YEAH! He was a delight. He and my other dog Rose, a yellow lab, began to play together. Cooper always won because he was fierce. He never gave up. Rose is 80 lbs. She was so gentle with him. It was amazing to watch. I miss him so much. His little face fit in my hands and he loved for me to hold it and massage his face. He loved his back rubbed and he would raise his chin up like he was going to howl but he never did. He was first in everything. I don't know what I will do without his busy body racing around tapping my heals to tell me which way to go. I just know I will be lost! I am already.Susan LyonAntelope, CaliforniaOctober 21, 2019
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To my dearest “Peanut”, Cooper. You are so missed. The candle in my heart will never go out for you. By now you are with my pack of pets. Tuffy, Bandit and now Cooper. Soon I will be there and We will meet again. I love you all and miss each one. The candle in my heart burns brightly for each of you. See you soon.Susan Lyon - October 23, 2019
Oh Susan, I absolutely love this beautiful memorial to sweet, beautiful Cooper. He was so dearly loved, and it’s true that the ones that are the most difficult are the ones we treasure most, because the dedication and love that is required to tend them seals them in our hearts when they give us so much joy back. Cooper was such a wonderful companion - I could see that from your deep bond with him, and you gave him so many beautiful years filled with joy and love. Thank you for that - you are a true animal lover and it was an absolute honor to meet the both of you.Caroline Kiert - October 23, 2019

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