7/5/2020 - 5/29/2020YOU ARE EVERYWHERE - ZULU 2007-2020

You are nowhere to be seen, though our hearts feel you everywhere
You are in each sun kissed leaf and dewy blade of grass
You are blowing in the cool breeze on this mild summer’s day
You are glowing within the sun as it illuminates the garden
You are filling all the spaces in your familiar places
You are barking to be let out, to roam free amongst the trees
You are lying deeply in the grass under the shade of the pines
You are sitting in your spot under the telephone table barking for your treat
You are scratching at the door with your paw signaling to go out
You are climbing the stairs and sitting on the landing with your paws hanging over the stair’s edge
You are jumping into the car, excited at the thought of an outing
You are munching on your carrot and your apple and your supplements
You are begging for your favorite treat of challah bread on Shabbat
You are smiling your wide smile and filling our hearts with pure joy
You are sneaking into our bedrooms and lying next to our beds
You are creeping into my room and jumping on the bed
You are gingerly walking on the beach sand, afraid of the mighty sea
You are hiking with us in the forests, but staying away from the stream
You are eating the puppy gates and the bottoms of the kitchen cabinets
You are crying in the box we used to transport you in on the day we were honored to call you our own
You are seldom able to lie down at the vet or for your laser treatments
You are stricken when we leave you at dog care when we go on holiday.
You are ecstatic when we return jumping and kissing us in your joy
You lay by my side and lick my hand while I am in physical pain
You catch my tears when I cry and share my joy
You celebrate our milestones and join us on vacations
You enjoy long walks around the neighborhood, greeting every dog along the way
You are called handsome by strangers and friends
You are known as the sweetest dog with a gentleness and kindness
You never harm a fly; you love every person and creature that crosses your path
You give pure joy and love, loyalty and few worries
You are always there, filling every space, every step of the way

You are everywhere though nowhere to be seen
There is nothing except your presence that can fill this void
Where there is love, there is pain
Our hearts bleed at your loss, but overflow with your memory
You died as you lived, with courage, dignity, love and trust

We will always love you, Zulu aka Zuba, Zu, Zulu Mapulu, Zulli, Ziki, Tippy. Boykie, Boy Boy, Boy,

Sandy, Colin, Jordannah, and Sydney xxxx
Sandy SchreiberPrinceton, New JerseyMay 31, 2020
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