11/7/2013 - 6/4/2020After 13 years of loyal love to our family we had to say goodbye to our beloved Olive. The past few months have been hard. Watching our pet lose her vibrancy, health, and mobility. In the end it was time to say goodbye and save her the decision because she was too brave to leave us. Our family surrounded her at the end and if tears are a measure of how much someone/something is loved its safe to say Olive was loved VERY much.
Sharman has lost her 'girl' and our family lost its one constant happy presence. We all have bad days or bad moments that the rest of the family have to dance around...Not Olive. Olive was always around with a wag of a tail, a greeting at the door, and as a shadow as we go about our days. Our pets are a constant positive in our lives and it makes them that much harder to say goodbye to when the time comes.
Olive spent her entire life watching Reece and Mikayla grow up. Her entire life devoted to our family with no real expectations in return for her love. IF you knew her, or had a pet that you have had to say goodbye to it would be nice to have you share here so we can feel some peace at this tough time.
We will all miss you Olive! I pray there is a dog heaven and you are swimming there now...chasing a stick or enjoying a treat.

With love, the McAllister family.
Robert McAllisterSEATTLE, WashingtonJune 6, 2020
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