9/12/2005 - 3/14/2020On Saturday, March 14th at 6:13 pm, ‘Uncle’ Rocky took his last breath. It was a beautiful, yet heartbreaking moment, filled with snuggles, kisses, and “I love yous”, as we listened to Israel Kamakawio’ole sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. He passed peacefully surrounded by his mom, dad, and ‘sissy’.

Thank you Rocky... For being my snuggle buddy, for healing my broken heart when nothing else could, for always being dad’s best friend, and always being mommy’s loyal companion. You were Jackson’s best buddy, Bennett’s gentle ‘nanny’, and the best fur-brother a girl could have asked for.

‘Sissy’ will miss you so much. I’ll miss how vocal you got whenever we would go to leave the house and how you always wanted to play “pull”, even though you could nearly rip my shoulder socket out because you were so big and so strong. I will miss asking, “Where is Rocky” while we ate dinner, only for you to rest your head on my thigh. You were always ready to catch a piece of food from my plate.

You gave us so much more than we could ever give you. Your love for your family was endless. You were my gentle giant.

I will miss you forever and love you always. My heart is broken.

See you on the other side my sweet boy.

September 12, 2005 - March 14, 2020
Tammi KramerPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaMarch 16, 2020
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Rest in peace, sweet Rocky. You will always be so missedSierra Hedrick - March 18, 2020

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