12/25/2005 - 3/6/2020In summation, Buster was a very good boy. It is strange to think that he is gone because he has been such a constant in everyone's lives. Although it is dreadfully painful to see him go, we are all grateful that he has graced us with his companionship for all these years.

They say boxers are puppies until they day they die. Not only did he have the energy of a puppy, Buster also thought he had the physical dimensions of a small dog, given that he was a 100 lb lap dog. When I think of Buster, I think of a small child that could never contain his joy. Whether it be taking YOU for a walk or doing his happy little wiggle dance when he sees you walking through the door, Buster could never hold back his enthusiasm while in your company.

Buster was never that great with commands. Which was a trait I later came to admire because I realized it was because he was a fellow Booth. He never knew how to heel but he has healed us all with his joy and curiosity. I know he is okay now, in the place where all good doggies go. He can now run freely, chasing all the little squirrels with no aches or pains.

Thank you Buster for your unconditional love, even after times when we lost patience with you for peeing on the carpet. Your loyalty and uniqueness could never be forgotten. You will be forever loved and cherished during our long human life.
Angela BoothClearwater, FloridaMarch 18, 2020
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.Megan Wehrwein - March 29, 2020
God speed Buster. Love to you forever and ever my sweet boy.Stacy Booth - March 20, 2020
RIP precious Buster <3Rose Wyatt - March 19, 2020
Buster was a beautiful , loving and kind boy. I will always love you Buster. ❤Stacy Booth - March 19, 2020

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