11/1/2006 - 3/18/2020There’s a 75-lb hole in our heavy hearts tonight. 1/4 of our little family went to Heaven today. Our big, yellow dog, my Chip crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 5:36PM. It’s hard to summarize nearly 14 years of Life with this amazing gift from God that was our family member. His presence in our lives truly encompassed more than words. He has been a Light during so many of Life’s complex moments. Chip was always waiting with a bright smile & warm hug. He’s truly the best hugger. He loved to “go to work” each morning with me, often beating me to my office. Chip also loved to help bake cakes, open Christmas stockings, play frisbee golf, & help “clean” the kitchen floor.Melissa & James Huelsman-KernsMoore, OklahomaMarch 19, 2020
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Rest in peace sweet Chip I didn't know him well but he took such great care of you that he holds a high place in my heart. Rest softly sweet boyJulie Mitchell - March 24, 2020
My sweet, yellow dog, you’re so missed. I love this memorial online that we can visit from time to time & just feel you close again. Your presence in our life was so much larger than I think we even realized. This week has been lonely & so quiet. Your clopping sound walking on the hardwood floors is missing. The silence in the house is deafening at times, as we’re also still quarantining from CV. Your brother, Peanut is kind of sticking to himself except in rare moments where he wants to cuddle. He’s barely left your bed & just as in life, we know you loved sharing & cuddling with him. He’s grieving also & not eating regularly. We’re giving him lots of love to get through this. Some of the harder moments have been in our routine. Using the Roomba to sweep up the last of your beautiful yellow hair was really hard. There have been so many times all the hair around the house has been annoying to constantly clean. But I’d take it all back & then some, if you could be here. The lack of your barks at 6:30PM & 8:30PM for dinner & medicine time has definitely been noticed. We’re completely thrown off as well. Our nighttime routine has also been hard for me. Not having you by my bedside to get your coconut oil treatment on your old man nose is something I’m really missing. You’d always sit & wait for this before going to sleep. I miss nighttime cuddles & hearing you snore. I used your favorite, my lemon chapstick, that would always make you reach to my face so you could smell it too. I went back to work today & deeply missed you being ready “to go to work.” I missed seeing your sweet face waiting patiently for me to join you in my office to start the day. There are so many of life’s small moments that you were such a big part of for nearly 15 years. It’s hard to let go. But I’m slowly moving to acceptance that this is our new norm. You are so loved & always will be. Fly high, Angel. I’ll see you again someday.Mel Huelsman - March 21, 2020
“The loss is immeasurable, but so is the love left behind.” My deepest sympathy for the loss of your family member! ❤️🐾Sara Riley - March 21, 2020
Much love Mel and James. Chip will be missed. Love you ❤️Melissa Flottmeyer - March 21, 2020
My little chippy. My heart has been broken ever since I heard the news that you went across the rainbow bridge.
I have so many memories of you that make me smile. When your mom and dad would let me babysit you and your brother peanut, you would greet me at the door, then do everything in your stubborn power to not take your medicine until I caved and gave you a few extra treats. Anytime I brought Hudson over, he would run right to you and your big fluffy tail would hit him in the face, and he would just laugh and laugh.
What a sweet boy you are and you will be deeply missed. We will see you again when that time comes, but until then run and chase butterflies. Your mom and dad will take care of each other and peanut.
Hugs and kisses chippy.
Aunt Melinda
Melinda Wyatt - March 21, 2020
Auntie loves you chippy. You will be missed so much. Run free with your little Rudy buddy ❤️Jessica Moore - March 21, 2020
Chip, I will miss seeing your beautiful pictures and life on facebook. You were a great dog and had the best doggie parents who will miss you immensely. Run free boy.Teri Pate - March 21, 2020
On behalf of me and the kiddos, who also loved Chip so much! I’ve never seen a more loved, happier, smiley dog. Chip was so loved by his parents and I have no doubt by his smiles that he felt every bit of it. He was the best boy!!!! Love you Chippy!Samantha Hyatt - March 20, 2020
.Tiffany Fein - March 20, 2020
Miss you so much Chip, but now you can jump from cloud to cloud with no pain🥰. Keep watch over your Mom and Dad, they miss you so much😔Donna Cain - March 20, 2020
Chip, you’ll be missed by your loving parents. You were so loved on this earth! ❤️Valerie Jenkins - March 20, 2020
Chip was definitely a dog that was ready to be any and everyone’s best friend. He would get all 75lbs up next to you ready to be petted and hear “sweet boy”. I’ll be thinking of you three was a new normal routine slowly settles in.. Fisher - March 20, 2020
There are absolutely no words that can express how I feel about this guy. He was the best and will be missed by many. RIP yellow face. ❤️James Kerns - March 20, 2020
I believed it when you said Chip was the best dog in the world. I know he will be greatly missed. Sick a sweet, handsome boy and I am so grateful that I got to meet him.Lisa Rodin - March 20, 2020
I never had the honor of meeting Chip, but I loved following him on Facebook. I could see the joy he brought his mom, dad and brother!! Prayers for the 3 of you as you mourn the loss of Chip! XOXOOnalee Santos - March 20, 2020
I love you, buddy.Mel Huelsman - March 20, 2020

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