3/8/2020 - 3/21/2020Gretel is the BEST. DOG. EVER. No bark, no bite, ALL love. All she ever wanted was hugs, treats, and belly rubs. She was never the dog to play fetch or learn many tricks but she made up for that with her unbelievably sweet personality. She loved her mommy and followed her everywhere. She loved to try and get daddy’s attention whenever he was busy. She was good at making us sisters feel better when we were sad, and could always make all of us laugh with her goofy ways. She loved being outside, especially in the snow. She would always do this thing when we let her out where she would run and nose dive straight into the ground and then roll over and wiggle on her back until everyone came over for belly rubs. Potty time was always a family fun trip, she would wait for everyone to run to the door like it was the most fun thing on the planet. She had the prettiest fur and the biggest paws and it seemed as though she knew how gorgeous she was. She used to pose for pictures and would even look into the wind for dramatic effect and cross her paws like royalty. She loved when people would ooh and ah at her. She’d get so excited whenever someone made those noises whether it was about her or not (sweet princess thought anything cute had to be her). She was a true angel and she will always be the best dog ever!! We love you Gretel❤️Olivia MagueWaxhaw, North CarolinaMarch 24, 2020
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Gretel girl was the absolute sweetest pup I have ever met. Not a mean bone in her body. Gretel was a princess and boy oh boy did she know it!! She was the goofiest pup with the cutest little grin and biggest paws, always rolling over to get a belly rub from whoever would come up to her (which was everyone because who could resist that face)! Gretel was such a beautiful girl and was always willing to accept a hug and listen to anyone. She was a gentle giant and loved biscuits and just chilling out in the house with people she loved. She lived such a good life. Gretel knew she was so loved by all of you 💕Ally Mattera - March 26, 2020
Gretel was a beautiful gentle dog. Little did she know that she would come to live with the most caring family a pet could have. In return she was a loyal companion ready to receive a hug, listen to the day’s woes, give a wag of the tail, greet you at the door and also be the willing recipient of a treat. She lived a good life and will be sorely missed❤️
Love Oma
Linda Mague - March 25, 2020
.GmaGpa May - March 24, 2020

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