2/14/2005 - 3/22/2020Yesterday, we said goodbye to our sweet girl Sophie. She was truly a great loyal companion and will always be a part of our heart and memories. It was a beautiful weekend day and she was ready, it was peaceful and sweet. I've had many dogs in my life, but never has one touched my heart and soul like this one. When we asked google to search for her pictures, it literally pulled up every pic, sure enough there she was. That's how she was, a quiet presence and always by our side through every event. We will miss her stubborn ways and Fantastic personality! We will miss our nightly sleeps being disturbed at 1 am for a potty break, or the need to be covered because she was cold. We will miss coming home to a silly girl who would grab a stuffed animal to muffle her own excitement and run circles around you with it. She loved people and not many dogs, the only dog she truly ever tolerated was my son's little Chihuahua Roscoe. That was of course, because she was better than just a her mind, she was THE dog. She has shared and been there through many lows in my life and many highs, she loved the beach, in her younger years loved hiking, loved boating and just like me ..the water not so much. Rest in peace my dear friend, hope to see you again.Kathleen EngmanAuburn, WashingtonMarch 24, 2020
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