1/20/2013 - 3/22/2020Lana was the sweetest little girl and will be missed dearly. Lana loved being held as much as we loved holding her. She would start purring instantly after getting picked up. I'll never forget how happy it would make me when she would jump on to my lap and make herself comfortable. I was truly spoiled to have such a sweet kitty. I loved spoiling her back and seeing her cute little face light up every time she got a new toy, some yummy kitty food, or some treats. I wish she didn't have to go so soon but I am grateful for every moment we spent together.Chris TreesCharlotte, North CarolinaMarch 24, 2020
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Lana i love you so much you are sweet kind and very unique you touched many hearts including mine i love you and miss you so much. Love you Lana Bear!!!Soila Pineda - April 1, 2020
I never got to hold Lana in my arms or touch her. I am grateful that I got
To know Lana and she will forever be in heart. When you are an animal lover
they become more than just a pet they become family and Lana is family.

Grandma loves you Lana Bear❤.
Jacqueline Lopez - March 31, 2020
No words can explain how deeply sorry I am for your loss. They bring out the best in you and you bring out the best from them. I will never forget Lana.Luis Moya - March 31, 2020
. I still catch myself mentioning both of my babies to customers at work or some just asking how you are doing. I just smile and tell them you are doing much better now. Still find myself wondering if you would like the cat food another customer would buy for their cat. I can still hear the crinkle of your tunnel from time to time or even see you from the corner of my eye. I miss you. I miss your little mischievous walk when you were up to no good, how excited you would get over a new toy, your reaction when realize your not the only person in the room, and the soft sound your feet would make on the carpet right before you would jump on the bed. I even miss the vexing things you would do like hide my hair bands when I have to go to work early the next day, putting your cold wet paws on my face for no reason, the way you would strategically try and trip me on my way to get water or go to the bathroom at night. Then again those things never really bothered me still found you to be the most adorable little kitty 2 seconds later. You will always be my baby and I will miss and worry about you no matter what. I love you.Alexis Perez - March 31, 2020

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