12/25/2002 - 3/17/2020Our dear Sugar, you have no idea how much we miss you. Every corner of the house there you are. I can't move anything from where you left it. Even your water bowl outside. I fill it for you everyday, so when you visit, you can drink if you get thirsty.
Seventeen years of memories were not enough. Remember when ....? Of course you do, we know you can remember it all now. You're watching us from the rainbow bridge. Last night I was sitting at the table asking Papa, who would serve your dinner and he told me it would be an angel. I was so worried all of a sudden. We know how much you love to eat! You came back to us two days ago. We found some peace with that. But still, we can't really hold you. It doesn't compare to our Sugie Boogie. Oh gosh, remember when we would take you outside to do your thing, you would take off everywhere? Bark at everyone? Disappear on us? Girl you had a way about you huh? And when we called you or ran after you, you'd run farther, but not always ;) Or when you kept me company in the shower when I wasn't feeling well and you would stand guard right outside the shower door? But all in all, you gave us so much love.. so so much love and we love you! Always and forever, forever and always in our hearts baby.
Susy BermudezKissimmee, FloridaMarch 26, 2020
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Sugar, you were such a big part of my life, and you always will be. You leaving us was one of the toughest things I have ever experienced but its alright because you are at peace, and feel a lot better. You brought so much happiness, laughter, and love into our lives. We can never forget you, and we all love you so so much, I love you so much. Im not one for believing in an afterlife and all that but to see you again, I really, really hope I am wrong. I miss you every day more and more Sugar, but you’re always here with me in some way. Until we meet again.Alejandro Bermudez - March 31, 2020
I miss you so much! I love you. We’ll meet again someday. ❤️Abby Bermudez - March 30, 2020

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