4/15/1993 - 5/19/2014Ruska - to a wonderful sweet little boo kitty who gave us much joy - we love and miss you something awful but know you are in a happy place!Sheryl GambleSaint Johns, FloridaMay 20, 2014
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Now our Baby Kitty can be with her big sister Big Kitty - aka Big Kitty and Baby Kitty or Stoli and Ruska. We miss you girls so - such wonderful silly boos - Stoli with her ability to catch mice and bats - and also spill orange soda all over a grey rug. Ruska stealing a piece of Chinese chicken off your plate and running away with it. Also falling in head first to parents' toilet - she was small - we were right there so got her out. Such good girls. May you be happy and content in your place of catnip, sunbeams, greenies, and poofy mousey toys.Sheryl Gamble - May 21, 2014
What a sweet write-up on a beautiful and very special kitty, Sheryl. Our thoughts are with you and Ron.Chris + Christina Baker - May 20, 2014
We will miss you Ruska.Ron Gamble - May 20, 2014
Ruska - our little precious boo boo kitty - we love and miss you!Sheryl Gamble - May 20, 2014
So sorry for your loss Ron and Sheryl! Probably one of the hardest moments of life to say goodbye to a faithful furry loved one! My thoughts are with all of you!Debbie Wilkinson - May 20, 2014

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