Maya (baby Cakes)
6/6/2020 - 3/13/2020I'm a little late in putting this tribute to you together. Every time I started, I started crying and then I just finally realized, right now I cry every time I begin doing anything where you were once by my side. The first week,coming home from work and you weren't there to greet me was almost unbearable. I was so used to petting your sweet head before I even got out of the car. The little lamp that has been on above your doggie bed for years is still on. I haven't been able to put you in the dark yet. And your doggie bed is still there too. It won't belong to another but just can't get rid of it yet, either. I started weeding the other day and started crying. You always faithfully laid right by me, protecting me from who knows what but that didn't matter to you. You loved sitting on the front porch with me and daddy. I even mentioned porch and you were ready to go...well that's hard to do, too. I'm sitting in a totally different place in the back yard but that still doesn't make it any easier. My sweet, loyal Maya. I couldn't have asked for a better fur baby companion and up until the end, you insisted on being by my side. I love you, my girl, and always will. You left taking a piece of me with you.Cindy RitterKnoxville, TennesseeMarch 31, 2020
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