Chi Chi
10/3/2014 - 5/19/2014Dear Puppy Girl, we are so happy your suffering has ended, but you have left a terrible hole in our lives. We will try to honor you by focusing on the seven wonderful years we had with you. You never meet a squeaky you didn't like, and unlike most greyhounds, you were happy to play your version of fetch (run to get the thrown squeaky and then play keep-away from us). We will catch glimpses of your beautiful spirit running in your back yard "track" just before dusk, and imagine you sitting on your bed in the family room, panting and smiling. I am greyhound, therefore I run like the wind! I know you are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge, but I also expect to come home to find a dent on the bedspread that matches your shape. You have always loved to sneak a snooze on the bed when we go out. Such a good girl. In our hearts forever.Patti DodgenLutz, FloridaMay 20, 2014
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Chi Chi... I will most certainly miss you. I can't believe it was 7 years ago that we got you and it has been wonderful. Miss you and love you.Mark Bambach - May 31, 2014
We know how much you miss her.Daniel Heath - May 24, 2014
Sending hugs and our love while keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.Rachel Grannan - May 23, 2014
Chi Chi....unconditional love. what else could anyone ask for? May her memory be eternal.Maria Poulakis - May 21, 2014
My condolences to her family, and to those who so worshipped her.

Like Scooter. And me.
Michael Kestigian - May 21, 2014
I was fortunate to know Chi Chi, her loyalty and companionship, and unconditional love for her family. She'll be missed but never forgotten. Run with the wind Chi Chi!

Charlie Franco - May 21, 2014

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