2/17/2008 - 3/30/2020My sweet Sonny boy crossed the rainbow 🌈 bridge. Heartbroken is an understatement. He was my very best friend and I’m not sure how life will be without him, but he is not in pain anymore. Sonny definitely rescued ME- he brought more love to my life than I ever knew possible. He was there for every up and down I had with his sweet little face and all the snuggles. Sonny was not your typical dog- he was an angel. He never barked, jumped, chewed anything up - he was perfect! It truly amazed me - he just wanted to be loved and I loved him so hard for the past 8 years I had him. I’ll have a hole in my heart forever, but I’m so grateful for all the memories I had with you baby boy - RIP my sweet Sonny bunz 💔😢Chelsea ArthursAddison, IllinoisApril 2, 2020
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Sonny was such a gentle and handsome boy. When I met him, I could tell that all he wanted in life was to be loved and to give that love right back to anyone that was near him. You were lucky to have each other and he will forever be a part of you.Tyler Johnston - April 5, 2020
Our love and hearts are with you as you mourn the passing of dear Sonny. He truly was the best dog and best friend a girl could have. I give thanks to have known him & witnessed the love you shared. I pray for peace for you as you remember all the good times you had with Sonny. He is free of pain now that he has crossed the rainbow bridge. God loves all his creatures great and small. Sonny is experiencing the most perfect love of our God and savior.

We love you!
Ant Debby & Uncle Hank
Debby & Hank West - April 3, 2020
Thoughts & prayers are with you.
Love & Hugs,
Karen Klein - April 2, 2020
Sonny, I never met you but heard all about you. In doing so, I learned you were a true friend and comfort to your best friend Chelsea when she needed you most. You will be sadly missed by many, but your memory will be held close to those who loved you. Rest in peace and romp in heaven wiith no pain. RIP to a sweet boy.Sandy Martin - April 2, 2020
The first time I met Sonny I felt like he was an angel in a dog's body. I've never met a dog more docile and truly, purely good - not a mean or naughty hair on him. You two were the perfect match and Sonny felt loved and supported every single day he was on earth. He couldn't have had a more patient, devoted, and adoring mom and you were right by his side during his toughest times when others would have given up.

When I think of Sonny I picture him cruising in the Lancer on his way to snag a puppaccino, laying in the hallway watching you do your hair, tilting his head everytime the microwave beeped, and (his favorite) snuggled up on the couch next to you, capitalizing on some quality attention while his momma sipped some wine and loved on him. He's reliving all of his favorite moments and activities all day, every day now, and he'll always be with you.

Love you, Chels! Sending big hugs to Chicago!!
Carla Brinkley - April 2, 2020
This candle is for both Sonny and Chelsea.

You both will see each other again on the other side. Sonny couldn’t have had a better human to take care of him. I am so sorry this happened to you both. I have so much love for you both and always will.

Matthew Arthurs - April 2, 2020
Sonny - you were an angel on earth and now you’re an angel in heaven. You will be sorely missed by your family, but all of the memories you left behind will be cherieshed forever and will help them through this difficult time. Rest peacefully, sweet boy.Sandra Forero - April 2, 2020
Dogs truly are our best friends. The best friend we could ever have. The love that they give to their owners is the best kind of love we could have. Chelsea, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I have a pup of my own that’s literally “my son” and I know Sonny was the same for you. One day you guys will meet again and Sonny boy will be running up to you as healthy as he could be. Praying for you both. Rest easy Sonny! 🐶Brandi Nesbitt - April 2, 2020
Sonny was always such a sweet boy! He always greeted me at the door when I came to Cary for visits. He loved being loved on and feeling part of conversations. Head rubs were one of his favorite things! He loved running in the back yard and occasionally would be stubborn about returning inside. Sonny-kins was truly loved by everyone...especially Chels.

Chels, continued thoughts and prayers for you!!! I know how hard it is losing a pet. They are family and so loved. I love ya Chels! ❤️
Jeanna Martin - April 2, 2020
He was a wonderful dog and you gave him a wonderful life. You should be proud of that. He will be missed but his memory will live on in you and those he was touched by. Love ya Sis! Thinking about you a lot during this difficult time.Brad Arthurs - April 2, 2020

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