6/10/2020 - 4/1/2020Goodbye my little girl. You made us laugh you made us cry but most of all you protected us with all you had. You were given a bum rap with your knee surgery, hip dysplasia , arthritis and cancer. But you were a warrior right up to the last minute. You didn’t like other dogs but you loved people and loved visitors. I never got to eat the crust of my pizza because you were drooling at my feet waiting. You never liked the Chinese delivery person. The poor guy would ring the doorbell and run to the driveway. The Fedex driver wasn’t to fond of your growling either and the landscapers thought you were Cujo. If they only knew you like I did. The dog that slept at my feet and then by my side in bed. Yesterday was sad and weird not seeing you here. Today was a little better but it will never be the same. Say hello to your brothers in heaven and I’ll see you soon. I may look older but with your scent you’ll know me in a second. Be a good girl God is watching.
Love Daddy Jim.
James RacioppiEast Hanover, New JerseyApril 5, 2020
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