9/21/2007 - 4/4/2020Lucy, we will love you always and cherish the love and friendship you gave. We had over 12 years of companionship with our beloved Lucy. We feel your absence with every little thing. Putting ice in a glass, you’d be waiting for your ice cube. Walking in the door and hearing you getting off the couch to greet us. Making our morning shakes, you’d eagerly await your spinach, carrots, and bananas. Going to bed and helping you jump up into the bed so you could plop down on one of our pillows. The list goes on and on. We miss you dearly and will never forget you or how much joy you brought to our lives. We are grateful that we got to spoil you one last time with your own bacon, cheeseburger and fries, puppy sundae with ice cream, bananas, and biscuit crumbles, a trip to the forest preserve for some sniffs, and some cuddles on the couch. We are thankful that you got to rest peacefully next to a warm fire and your favorite toys. We love you so much.Tim HarrisonChicago, IllinoisApril 5, 2020
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Lucy you were the best dog we have ever met! We will miss your big ol ears and your sweet eyes.Kayla Bustos - April 20, 2020
So sorry for your loss. She will be missed and never forgotten. 💟💟Sandra Miletic - April 18, 2020
What a beautiful tribute to an absolutely beautiful girl! It was my honor to be there for your family as you said goodbye to your precious Lucy. Thank you so much for sharing so many stories and photos from your life together. I can’t handle her cute and sassy expression in the fourth picture! She clearly had the best life with you, and I know she gave all the love she got and more in return. Fly free, sweet Lucy. You will never be forgotten. 💜Christie Comm - April 16, 2020
Tim and Nicole,
I’m very sorry for your loss - Lucy was a great dog every time I came over. She will be missed.
Jon Ionita - April 15, 2020
Lucy you go running with Cricket ,you will be missed so very much.It is so hard to loose a pet but you will always have the wonderful memories and she will be in your heart forever. Lucy had so much energy way more than Cricket but she was such a sweet pup.We thought you were crazy when you got her but we knew why and look at all the love she brought in your home.Hugs n love.Debbi Larsen - April 7, 2020
Lucy you go running with Cricket you will be missed so very much.Debbi Larsen - April 7, 2020
Tim & Nicole,
It is impossible to find adequate words that will comfort you or soften the pain of losing Lucy. She was family and will leave a void in your lives that will be hard to fill. Keep your memories of her close to your heart always. They will help you to see how truly blessed you have been, and Lucy too.

Please know that we loved her too & our hearts break with you. Let us know if you need anything.

Joyce Harrison - April 7, 2020
I'm so sorry for your loss, you guys. The next time Lauren and I come over to your place I might have to yell at you for a glass of water every few minutes as a tribute to Lucy. Thank you for sharing all these memories of this special pup, you gave her a great life.Matt Byrne - April 7, 2020
I firmly believe that Lucy will be at the pearly gates waiting to meet up with you again. She was so blessed to have your love, support and kindness. My deepest sympathies in your loss.Kathy Lutz - April 7, 2020
I will never forget the first time I met Lucy. You brought her over to my parents house and she just ran and ran and ran around the backyard like crazy! She was so adorable doing it though. I remember talking to my parents after you left saying.. Oh my, she's going to be a handful. You were wonderful basset parents. She had so much love in her life. She will be missed. I know Kevin is sending you love as well.Kate Beyer - April 7, 2020
Timmy and Nicole,

Our deepest sympathies over the loss of beloved Lucy. It takes a special person(s) to own a Bassett Hound. Lucy was everything that a Bassett could be: tenacious, affectionate, devoted, and gentle. But she was unique in the love that you both demonstrated and showed her, because her personality was a reflection of the love you gave. No longer by our side, but forever in our hearts.
Tracy Harrison-Mack - April 7, 2020
I just thought of another memory to share. One time, Lucy had to get a lump removed and it was in a weird spot that was close to her tail and we had to keep it protected. The vet suggested we get some diapers as sort of a covering. We got home and put one on her. Within minutes, she pooped the diaper almost as if she decided that’s what it was meant for. She never wore a diaper again after that.Tim Harrison - April 6, 2020
Tim and I would laugh about how many times while taking Lucy on walks “Basset people” would sometimes stop their cars to get out and say hi to her or cross the street to see her. 100% of the time they would talk about the time they had a Basset Hound and they’ll never forget them and how they are just the best. But the most entertaining time had to be when walking her to the park by our house around 5:30 pm, a gentleman stopped his car in the middle of the intersection, in rush hour traffic and called to her “A Basset Hound! Hello Basset Hound! How are you Basset Hound? Have a good day Basset Hound!” Meanwhile cars are honking and going around him and Lucy was completely oblivious, but if she made his day that makes me super happy. So I’m also 100% positive once we’re able to, Tim and I will be those crazy Basset people because they are the best.Nicole Mulroney - April 6, 2020
I am so sorry for your loss, Nicole and Tim. ❤️
Lucy was so loved and I got to know her really well the week we spent together in January. Although I lost some sleep, I gained a lot of cuddles, licks, and a new friend in her. She was so spunky and always up to something. I will miss her looking at me with her puppy dog eyes when I come over and then up at the treat cabinet, like “you watched me... I know you know my treats are up there!” She was truly a one of a kind pup.
Karlie Trost - April 6, 2020
I'm going to miss Lucy excitedly greeting me at the door.
I'm sure she left a giant, basset hound size paw print on your hearts that will be there forever.
Frank Saracco - April 6, 2020

My deepest sympathies to you both on your loss of your beloved Lucy. We always view our animals as the most compassionate and loving creatures which makes it incredibly hard to let them go. Lucy will be forever remembered through photos and memories that can never be replaced. My favorite saying with the loss of any animal is “If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.”


Mark and Barb
Mark Harrison - April 6, 2020
Lucy really knew how to run a house, we know she’ll be greatly missed. XOXOLauren Abato - April 6, 2020

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