Normina (mina) Eppler
6/11/2009 - 4/6/2020This past week I saw that Mina wasn’t right, something was off with her and it worried me. On Friday I came home from work and I couldn’t find her anywhere, I was panicked. She was hiding and would come out to me, she wouldn’t sleep with me, and I knew something was very very wrong. We took her to the vet and as I was waiting for them to come and get her I noticed that her gums were yellow, and the inside of her ears were yellow. The Vet said they feared she was in liver failure so we rushed her to the emergency room. I thought if she could have emergency surgery she would be ok. They ran blood work on her and did an ultra sound. They found a tumor on her liver which ruptured and she was bleeding internally. They said the only way to help is surgery and they felt she was too sick and with her age of 10 she would not survive the surgery. If she survived the surgery she would then need chemo. All this and it would prolong her life maybe 9 to 12 months. I asked if I could pick her up they said yes and told me to be prepared that she could go at any time. I needed to spend time with her to say goodbye. After everything she’s done for me I could not let her suffer for my own selfishness. She was my savior and I now had to save her.Lori EpplerCopiague, New YorkApril 7, 2020
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I will miss Mina
she was such a good kitty
Mandy will be soooo sad that her play and nap time friend is gone.
stay strong
Donna Bringmann - April 10, 2020
Rest in peace little one!Charles Eppler - April 9, 2020
Mina was the sweetest little girl there was, she was shy but she was her mommy’s little protector. I’m going to miss her putting her little forehead against mine, I’m even going to miss her projectile vomiting and pooping in the car, camping isn’t going to be the same without her. She lived a life full of love and adventure and she is going to be missed by everyone who knew her. We love you Mina 💜Jennifer Dugan - April 9, 2020
Mina was such a sweet girl! Once she was familiar with you, she came out and showed how sweet and gentle she was. With the exception of being the boss pet in the house, of course. She was a beautiful pet and a member of the family who will be missed dearly. Love you Mina ❤️Kelly Smith - April 9, 2020
I will miss you so much precious angel .Russ Eppler - April 8, 2020

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