12/2/2005 - 4/4/2020Rudy, you were the perfect dog. You were very smart and very easy to train. You learned very quickly to listen and follow you older brother, Sparky. I always looked forward to taking you outside and watch you do your zoomies around the yard and just when I thought you were done, I would make a move and you would start round two. Then at night, we would lay down for cuddles and you would let me scratch you "bear nose" for hours. I am going to miss those cuddles and your kisses. Run free Rudy Bear. Now you can chase your tennis balls and frisbees with Sparky all day, every day. I love you.Ron AllainRolling Meadows, IllinoisApril 8, 2020
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Ron, thank you so much for sharing more about Rudy and for all of your kind words. I am so glad I got to meet you both. I am sure that not only was he the perfect dog but also that you were the perfect family for him. How lucky you both were to have found each other. Sending you lots of love for your sweet Rudy, who will never be forgotten. 💜Christie Comm - April 9, 2020

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