5/24/1999 - 5/6/2014In 15, too brief years, our Kohly brought a love to his family that dwarfed his oversized heart. All Kohl ever wanted was to make his family happy. When his sister, Amber, got sick and went blind Kohl became her eyes. After Amber passed Kohl stayed by his mommy's side to help her mourn. He was truly an angel on earth. His passing is felt everyday whether it be that we miss the sound of his tiny dancing feet before feeding; his non-stop licking of our legs when we cleaned; the relaxing sound of his peaceful breathing; the pitter-patter of his paws when he ran in to the bedroom at bedtime; watching your tail wag when all we did was say hello. Kohl's unconditional love opened the heart of his daddy, and melted his mommy's heart, creating an eternal bond. These words do no justice to the impact on our lives that this sweet, loving dog provided. Although his soul will be with us perpetually, his physical presence will be missed daily. Kohl has surely left paw prints on our hearts and souls. We will miss you Kohl, our little baby boy.Liz & Michael GaynorCoral Springs, FloridaMay 23, 2014
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The love and joy in that sweet face says it all. Best friend, loyal companion. I am very sorry for your loss. I know he was small, but he left huge paw prints in your heart. Love your tattoos. Your precious boy is looking down on you from heaven with his beautiful and perfect Angel Wings.Cheryl Wyatt - May 26, 2014
Robin Guiro - May 26, 2014
My lil man, tiny dancer, bubba, baby boy, jelly bean. My kohly bear. You gave us nothing but love these past 15 yrs. I hope we provided all the love , warmth and happiness that you gifted us with. You still are my heart, my soul and my heart beat. I miss you everyday and sometimes I cry but find myself smiling more knowing you're a young pup again, running with amber. U know you're here still as I can sometimes here your gentle and meditative breath that helps me fall asleep. Although our last day together was so hard for us all, it was one if the most beautiful days I've ever experienced. Thank you for being you kohl. You will forever be my heart. I love you.Liz Gaynor - May 26, 2014
I feel your pain and the love you had for Kohl--similar to my pain for the loss of my angel Sahsha (posting 05/21). My girl had an animal-print toy just like the one in Kohl's picture. We'll all one day meet our furry babies on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. God bless!Daphne Glass - May 26, 2014
Kohl I don't know what else I can say that I haven't already said. I miss you so much and feel empty without you by my side. I miss the way you loved me. I miss how happy you always were to see me. I miss how happy I was to see you. I love you Kohl.Michael Gaynor - May 26, 2014
Run free precious baby! Thank you for all of the years of unconditional love you gave your mommy and daddy <3Dawn London - May 26, 2014
To a little man with a big heart.. You will be in our hearts foreverNancy Dickson - May 25, 2014
My wish is every pet were to feel 1/2 the love your Mommy and Daddy gave and felt for you for then the world would be a better place for all.
May you rest in peace Kohl
Florence DeSantis - May 25, 2014
R.I.P Kohlsusan hartsgrove - May 25, 2014
RIP Kohl.... My thoughts are with you guys!!Karen Kennedy - May 25, 2014
Happy birthday Kohl. You will be missed.Grandma & Poppy Gaynor - May 25, 2014
My heart goes out to you both, Liz and Michael. Sounds like Kohl had a very fortunate life and brought only love and joy to the world. What a blessing!Evyan Streitfeld - May 25, 2014
R.I.P. Kohl..you were loved♡Marleen Lemke - May 25, 2014
RIP Kohl, please say hi to my Caesar, Jack, Toby and my busy girl.Elliot Levy - May 25, 2014
you are missed little kohly!michelle ostroff - May 25, 2014
Your mommy and daddy miss you so much. You were definitely a huge part of their family and they will never forget you. You survived through so much and lived an amazing life. Fly strong little man until you are reunited one day! Love, Dr. Diana xoxo.Dr. Diana - May 25, 2014

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