2/14/2000 - 5/24/2014Cherokee, it took ten years before we finally found each other, and even though we only had 3 years together, I know that they were by far the best years of your life. You survived cancer twice and fought so hard for 2 years against your failing kidneys. The fight you put up was beyond words, you lived probably a year longer than most could have imagined. We made the most of every single day and I give thanks for every single one of those days. You changed my life as much as I changed yours. You were my big red boy and I will never forget you, all that we did together, and the unconditional love between us. Run free sweet boy and wear your silver harness proudly. You earned it more than anybody.Leslie RandallRoyersford, PennsylvaniaMay 25, 2014
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"Big Red".........the tears I shed for you, even now, are not so much of sadness.....but more for the overwhelming and profound impact you made in my life, your Mama's life....and in the lives of the pack...including Henry, Jeffrey, and your play buddy Reece. Your absolute pure joy and amazing ability to grab ahold of every ounce of life will not ever leave us....and it is that legacy of happiness that we will choose to keep in our hearts and souls forever. We will never be the same - and that is your ultimate legacy. Run without pain and with complete freedom over the bridge, Red......and look after our Hank-o, Bonnie and your big sis Taffy.....until we meet again, goofy you.Jeff Hall - June 1, 2014
Cherokee was a very special and beautiful red husky. He was blessed to have 3 years with the best mom ever. He left a huge paw print on many hearts and now will watch over and protect his forever mom from heaven.Kati Vines - June 1, 2014
Cherokee & Leslie are an incredible inspiration and amazing example of what love can accomplish.Pamela, Dyna, Hope & Jessie Garnick - June 1, 2014
Dear Cherokee: All who know you say you are a Good Dog who loves with all his heart and is loved that way in return - to Love & be Loved, this is the Greatest Gift of all. Your presence here will be missed.Nana Hoagland - May 31, 2014
Cherokee, you and your Mom were and continue to be an inspiration to all that have known you. There was a reason that you were put on this earth, and it was to inspire people; that you DID! Look at how many people have followed your story on facebook. We all loved you, and I never even met you. I just know that you and Taffy are playing and causing mischief in Heaven. Say "Hi" to my kids if you see them.Lorrie Culp - May 31, 2014
Rest in peace sweet boy. Your mama loved you so....Renee' Galloway - May 31, 2014
Run free, sweet boy! You and your mommy were an inspiration in love, hope and perseverance. We love you, gorgeous one. Run free over the bridge and watch over all that loved you!Holly, Jeremy and Charlie Losinno - May 31, 2014
You are in my thoughts all the time Cherokee. I miss you more than words can say. The house just isn't the same without you, although your presence is still felt throughout the house and on every walk. Simba is not the same without you either. She keeps to herself a lot and hides upstairs alone in the dark every evening. I know it's because she really misses you. The rest of the pack dries the tears I cry for you. You were an amazing dog, one that I feel so incredibly blessed to have shared part of my life with. I love you so much my sweet red boy.Leslie Randall - May 31, 2014
Cherokee was an amazing boy with so much heart and spirit. It was a pleasure to have met him. Run free, dear boy!Cindi Worrall - May 28, 2014

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