5/26/2014Hope we will always love and miss you! We will always leave a light on for you so you can find your way home.James & Jaclyn ThurLinden, VirginiaMay 27, 2014
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Me and your mom are still having trouble dealing with your passing. Everyday I wake up I miss the sight of you by my side just waiting for me to get up. I used to time my days off around your walks and potty breaks. Your kitty sisters miss you also. I think they know you have returned home as they rub past your urn thats on your favorite place you used to sit.

Today we adopted another shepherd named Heidi. She will in no way ever replace you. I hope you understand us wanting to save another dog and give them a good home. We will always remember you and you will always be in my thoughts. I love you Hope, and miss you. You were the best dog ever.
Jim Thur - August 2, 2014
Beautiful Lady, you journeyed over the Rainbow Bridge just a month ago, to a place with no pain, no fears, only joy and happiness. Our hearts are so empty, our lives less full, but your comfort and peace is most important to us all. I miss you so much, but treasure all the love and joy you brought to each of us. The walks you took me on were invigorating but your calm peaceful rest next to me will be cherished forever. Love you forever.Peg Thur - June 26, 2014
What a beautiful tribute to Hope, who was so loved by her family. A precious dog becomes part of our family, so cherished , so loyal. Sylvia Brown says in her book that our dog(s) is the first to greet us when we go to heaven. You gave so much love to Hope. That's You! Even at the end, you comforted her in your home on her trip to heaven.
She's always with us even though we can't physically see Hope.
Take care!
I'll light a candle for Hope too.
Joan and John Costello - May 31, 2014
J&J we are so sorry for your lose. Hope was a beautiful soul. We will
miss her very much and we will never forget her eating the
Zucchini bread. We will also miss her face in the living room
Buco thanks Hope for her goodie bag.
Rest in peace beautiful girl.
Lisa & Melissa - May 30, 2014
Hope, you were such a wonderful, gentle dog with a sweet spirit! Although you didn't like coming to see me, I always looked forward to seeing you! You are an animal who makes my job both great and difficult all at the same time. I am blown away by your fight to live and the love your family showed to get you through these last few months with grace. I know you aren't suffering now; this gives us all peace. Your Mom and Dad love you so very much - you found the right family in them!Amanda Jenkins - May 30, 2014
Hope, your Dad, Mom, Chloe, Teddy, Grandma & Grandpa were SO-O-O blessed to have you in their lives. You made them laugh & smile, were their best pal, and taught everybody about unconditional love & loyalty. Right now we are all so sad to miss you, but we know you are peaceful over the Rainbow, playing with all sorts of smiling, fun dogs who run in the green fields, share toys & treats, and enjoy the not-too-hot sunshine and breeze. We're glad that you don't have any more discomfort. Happy adventures and tail wags until we get to hug & kiss you again, baby girl!Paula, Poppy & Ginger Miano - May 30, 2014
What a beautiful and gentle dog. You were so blessed to have spend so many years with her. We will miss her!GA Thurs - May 30, 2014
We're sad cause your not here with us, Hope, but we know you are all having fun with Gram. Take care of her until we get there! Love yaBill, Robin and the boys Keiter - May 29, 2014
Hope, we love and miss you very much! You became a part of our family. You touched many lives during your life on Earth. You brought such joy not only to your parents Jaclyn and Jim, but to each and every person that had the pleasure to meet you. We hope that you find many slow squirrels and chipmunks in Heaven to chase and that you meet some good friends to play with.
<3 Always,
Alexis and Joe
Alexis Callaway - May 28, 2014
What a beautiful tribute to your baby girl! I am so sorry for your loss and know that Hope had the most wonderful life with you!Christine Shibly - May 28, 2014
Hope I didn't had the opportunity to personally meet you, but I hear so many great story about you. Your mommy every now and then will talk about you and I will talk to her about my "Sunshine". I remember when you were adopted by my friend Jaclyn and husband. That day was a very happy time for her, I could tell because her eyes would light up when she talk about you. Today it was a very sad day for me, when I was told that you were no longer with us. Your love one will always miss you and I will miss the conversation your mom and I had about you. Jaclyn I'm so sorry for your families loss. Hope you will be miss.Nelly Rodriguez - May 28, 2014
We will miss our darling Hope! She was a beautiful soul! Love you granddog and miss you much. Prayers for your parents for comfort and peace. May your special place in their life be a joy to remember!Carrie Meis - May 28, 2014
We'll miss you too, Hope. Thanks for the joy you brought to everyone. PDNWY Thurs - May 28, 2014
We are so sorry to hear of your families loss. Hope was such a sweet and loving dog. She will live on in your hearts.The Sherwood's - May 27, 2014
Hope, we will miss you. You always put a smile on our faces.The Brengels - May 27, 2014
Hope, you became a most loved part of our family. You provided us with companionship, many fond memories, and your love too. RIP Peggy & JimJim Thur - May 27, 2014
I miss you so much Hope, I will always love you!!!James Thur - May 27, 2014

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