12/24/2003 - 5/9/2020Cindy and Elyse. May 09 2020, was hard day for our family as we sent Shepp of into eternal rest. I have resisted for a long while playing God in this matter, I struggled with over the past several months playing God with the taking of life I did not create, I'd had hoped in a small way God would take Shepp in his sleep since God is the source of all living, by his Breath we became alive, Genesis. Elyse, had such compassion for us during this time for our family, looking upon her as she shared with us in our grief, I had wondered how many times she had taken up this mantel of compassion for families she has never met, and just blended in as a family member and made our loss her loss. She has a good heart and it must be a little tough on her to do this sort of work but hats off to her and your staff, glad my vet, Dr Silverstone put me in touch with you folks. Thank You, once again for your time with us and the mementos that you offered us, with a lock of his hair and paw print, did not expect that. Take care and much strength in what you do for families. Alex van den Ende & FamilyAlex van den EndeVirginia Beach, VirginiaMay 13, 2020
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Alex & Shepp were unequivocally the true definition of a man and his dog
If Shepp were able to send Alex a message, this is what he would say....

'I am so grateful for the care and overwhelming love you gave me for so many years.
What I want from you now is
Don't grieve for me, for now I am free. I've left behind some misery.
My days of youthful agility were no longer a possibility.
My weak joints and cloudy eyes were longing for the Heavenly skies
Before I lost all my diginity, you let me enter Eternity
So don't grieve for me for you set me free
Just remember how I use to be'
Your Best Friend Shepp
. Gallagher - May 16, 2020
You were my first ever dog as an adult, I will miss our times together, as your bed lays now empty and the house has become quiet you can feel that your presence is no longer with us. Like Mom before you, you and her in memory will always be here in this home. Thanks for loving for who I am it was an honor to love you and share my life with you. Love always and always, your Dad.Alex van denEnde - May 15, 2020

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