1/22/2006 - 5/8/2020My little Dolly was the sweetest companion for 14 beautiful years. In that time she survived dealing with me during my pre-teen years, high school, long nights of studying in college and various trips across the country for my internships. We had a lot of fun along the way visiting the beautiful Rockies of Colorado every weekend and the sunny beaches of South Carolina. She was always ready to go on a walk "afuera" or excited to eat some "pollo". My little bilingual Dolly was so smart and always active. We enjoyed many long walks along the Mississippi river when we lived in Tennessee and random midnight strolls through College Station, Texas while I was still in college. She even got to join me on my work trips post college and flew across the country a few times. She indulged in fancy corporate dinner leftovers (filet mignon wrapped in bacon) and was always happy to munch of some Chik-fil-A nuggets. Dolly had a beautiful life and I'm so happy I was chosen to take care of her for all those years. She was there for me in pivotal moments of my life and taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. I miss you little one.Citlalli GomezColumbia, South CarolinaMay 14, 2020
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I’ll think about you forever. Our first pet. Thank you for so many years and I hope you’re eating a lot of pollo in heaven💓alicia gomez - May 14, 2020

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