1/10/2007 - 5/13/2020I feel like it’s to early to formulate my thoughts just yet. Sedona was the life in my heart and now she’s the tears falling from my eyes. I loved her to the moon, around the solar system, thru the whole galaxy and back again. The joy, adventures, sickness, nose kisses, stuck in my lap, follow me everywhere I went love was unlike anything.VALERIE SCHOPPENChicago, IllinoisMay 14, 2020
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My sympathies. It is so hard to let them go when they have brought such love.Maryann Collins - May 15, 2020
We’ll all miss that loving, funny spirit that came dressed up like a potato with legs. Like all our best pets, Sedona always made me laugh, smile and feel happy.
What a good little girl!
Rich Capalbo - May 15, 2020
Love to you Val. Sedona was a one of a kind. We will miss her tooVicki Capalbo - May 15, 2020
.Michele Williams - May 15, 2020
I’m so happy your ashes are back home with me. I miss kissing your face more than anything.VALERIE SCHOPPEN - May 15, 2020

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