11/16/2006 - 5/5/2020From the first night I brought you home to our last days together, you were the best cat I could have hoped for. Thank you for loving me so well.

You were the cutest little kitten. We went looking for a girl, but after a day full of searching every pet store and hugging every kitten in town, I knew there was only one that I could bring home.

Your kitten days were wild. You’d hide in the pots and pans cabinet and not come clattering out until I had treats. You’d climb my legs to sit on my shoulder while I got ready in the morning, whether or not I was wearing pants, and you’d faithfully unravel the yarn balls I wound back up for you every day.

You put up with so much from me as we grew up. I was only a teenager when I got you and when I had to leave home you loved me like I’d never left. And when I came back for you, you adjusted… and showed me just how much a heart could grow when I adopted another cat. Little did we know when I took her in that she was pregnant… but you loved those kittens until I found them homes and Scribbles became your friend.

When you were sick and I nearly lost you my heart broke, but thankfully the surgery and diet change worked. That gave us five more healthy and happy years together, and I’m so grateful for that second lease on life together.

I’d joke that you were my grumpy old man, but you were always the quickest to adjust, and the favorite of anyone who ever came over. Maybe it was the big fluffy tummy that you’d always show off for rubs, maybe it was the way you’d chirp to anyone you saw, but no one could resist your charm.

You were the sweetest and silliest boy. I know your final days were difficult, but I hope you were able to feel how loved and cared for you were. Sitting on the patio with you and listening to the birds helped bring us some peace in those hard days, and I’ll always think of you when they sing.

You are missed and loved, always.
Danielle DTampa, FloridaMay 16, 2020
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