Maggie Mae
10/7/2004 - 5/15/2020We shared a special bond from the first moment. You were the runt of the litter and you just wanted to be loved. We took you home, and loved on you and you instantly connected as my little girl and from then on out we were a team. When you got kennel cough, I spent every day and night with you, holding you in my arms with your head on my shoulder so you could breathe easier and nursed you through it. Over the years, you anxiously awaited my coming home every day from work, the first to greet me and talk endlessly about how much you missed me. Through your senior years, I tried to give back to you all the love and understanding you gave to me. we took slower walks, I carried you when your legs just couldn't hold you up, once again, I stayed up at night with you because your mind didn't want to sleep all night any longer.... we were still a team until the very last day. Quarantine 2020 allowed me to work from home with you by my side every day and the day Dr. Kelly came to visit, was a typical nap by the office door waiting for mom..... and as you took your peaceful nap, and we hugged and kissed you, you closed your eyes. You may have physically left me, but you are forever in my heart and by my side.Shannon ThompsonEdgewater, MarylandMay 18, 2020
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Your Maggie was a lovely pup who was given an amazing life. She was obviously so well-loved by you and your family. It was an honor to help her on her way.
Her spirit will always. be with you.
Kelly Stockton - May 19, 2020

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