2/20/2005 - 5/17/2020To my Dime with all my love, we will miss you. We will remember you and honor you always.Rita KurganOak Forest, IllinoisMay 18, 2020
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Man Dime.... it’s not getting any easier you being gone. I feel you in the house and it makes me miss you even more. I hope your happy and running and playing and I hope you know I will never ever forget you!!Rita Kurgan - September 10, 2020
I miss you so much Dime. I really really miss you!!! 🐾💜 love you.Rita Kurgan - May 26, 2020
It was an honor to meet such a sweet and handsome guy. Dime was so gentle and just wanted to welcome me into his home as a new friend. Although I only knew Dime for short time, I could tell how much he means to his family and the amount of love that will always be there for him.Tyler Johnston - May 21, 2020
Love you dime, and I wish there was more time we had to spend together, words can’t explain how much I’m going to miss you,but I love you and rest easy bud.Bub Mickelson - May 19, 2020
To Rita Josh,Lilly Teddy,Leland I’m so sorry you lost you’re Protector he was always there for you when you and the kids were alone he was there for you,now he’s in doggie heaven watching over you and his Baby Karma you gave him a loving home and you protected him in the End . Love Mom & Ed Papa & Nana XOXOMickey &Ed Vandervliet - May 19, 2020
I’m so sorry for your loss. I don’t even know where to begin... Dime you were definitely one of a kind. You weren’t just any pet, you were a family member. You brought joy into so many lives, me being one of them. You will be missed greatly and I will never forget you.Nicole Abramowicz - May 19, 2020
Rita, Josh & Family
I am so sorry at your loss. Dime was the best dog, protector & friend.
He will be greatly missed by everyone.
Amy Schlesinger - May 19, 2020
I’m so sorry for your loss!! Dime was such a good boy!Nikki Waleski - May 19, 2020
Dime-you had the biggest heart of any pittie I have ever met. You acted like a lap dog and didn't have any problem whining to be heard. You accepted me as family and would have fiercely protected me as such. I will never forget you and all the joy and memories you have brought me. I am so glad Runa had an opportunity to meet you. Rest well, my friend. Love you always.Guns (Amy) Wilke - May 19, 2020
I love you dime always even tho you are not here in Site you are here in spirit love u budLeland Mickelson - May 18, 2020
I lite this candle for you Dime. You light will always shine in our hearts. I miss you so much!Rita Kurgan - May 18, 2020

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