Buddy My Big Red Dog
8/19/2001 - 5/21/2014Buddy I miss you so unbelievably much my big red dog. I can't sit outside anymore because the memories of shared time with you are too much for me right now and I can't take the constant heart break it brings. I see you every where in the yard, in the house, when I cough I expect to see you come to my side of the bed and lay down letting me know you are there if I need you.
I wish to God you were still here for me to hold onto and love by big red boy.
Linda HardbargerDurham, North CarolinaJune 4, 2014
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Buddy, the big red dog, may you be enjoying your time frolicking on the other side, waiting for your family to join you one day.Dana Lewis - June 12, 2014
Momma Daddy - June 6, 2014
We understand how much you miss you beloved. We lost our beloved Lucky yesterday.Susan Pechan - June 6, 2014

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