3/31/2007 - 3/28/2020Today I write the hardest lines ...

It was so hard to lose my best furry friend, my dear sweet Rascal. I did not know that this year would be our last year together. I wish you would have had an appetite during your last few days of life because I would have given you your favorite carb-full human foods: Parmesan goldfish, tortilla chips, bread, and what else you would have wanted. I am sometimes distraught with guilt over what I could have done to better assist you, I miss you everyday, I sleep with your "cuddle" blanket, and miss your daily & nightly kneading on my lap with your favorite "cuddle" blanket. Timmy tearfully said how you have been such a big part of our 12 year relationship and you loved Timmy just as much. I have played a video of you "talking" for your brothers, Piedy and Little Guy, to hear and they run over and wonder where you are.

You have been with me through so many of my life's goals I was able to accomplish, life changes I experienced, and brought me joy, kindness, and love to my heart and soul during some very difficult times in my life I had to learn to cope with. Now I have to learn to cope with you being physically gone from my life, my world, my being. It's in the quietness of these times, the heaviness that creeps in, the longingness of where have you gone to my handsome guy.

I was full of acceptance when you rapidly became sick because I knew I had to be and I thank you for giving me that last lesson to learn from you on how to cope and how to love fearlessly, especially during this time of grief, loss, and pandemic.

"He made us laugh, he made us cry, then gave us pause to wonder why." --Unknown
Erin BrychelDENVER, ColoradoMay 21, 2020
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Rascal was such a sweet, sassy fellow and he will be sorely missed. I will always remember going with you the day that you picked him out and your journey together started!
I am so grateful that I got to hang out with him for some last (although I didn't realize it at the time) pets and conversations (he was so vocal!) when I visited you all last June. He was a dear furry friend and I can only imagine the grief you feel now that he is gone from your lives.
Sending you all, Erin, Timmy, Piedy and LG, so much love.
Carley Clemons - May 23, 2020
Dearest Erin & Timmy,

Rascal was a sweet boy. We are so sorry for your loss.

Take care and stay safe,
Eva, Tori & Coco
Eva Hom - May 22, 2020

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