2/22/2017 - 5/22/2020Loosing Oscar....or Oskie as we would often call him has been one of the hardest things we have ever had to face. We got Oscar very well knowing he was a senior and that we wouldn’t get enough time with him. But he filled a space in our hearts so deep and so wide that the emptiness without him is paralyzing. We know though that he deserves to run free with all four legs with no pain, confusion or fear. He lives on in our hearts forever. We will miss his snores, snorts and grumbles. His smile, tongue and soft ears. His cuddles, waddles and scoots. We will miss everything about his sweet soul. Between the sobs I smile remembering these special times. Till we meet again baby boy.Bianca TyrellAurora, ColoradoMay 23, 2020
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Oscar was the sweetest, cutest boy. I'm so glad I was able to meet him. He couldn't have asked for a more loving home for his golden years. <3Jennie Brindler - June 2, 2020
.Erin McAllister - May 24, 2020
Love you buddy boy ❤️Anna K - May 24, 2020
He was a sweet boy and we all miss himDana Klausmeyer - May 24, 2020
Bianca Tyrell - May 24, 2020
God bless love, have peace in ur heart. You have spoke a ture testimony, very beautiful words about your pet ,it could not have been said better God bless and peace be with you love❤☺️❤Torkwase OBryant - May 24, 2020
Good morning sweetheart I'm sorry you and Anna lost your doggie. At least he left hopefully being happy does he was very much loved. And hopefully someday you will be reunited with him and other loved ones that you have lost in life.Gene Tyrell - May 24, 2020

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