1/28/2007 - 5/26/2020It's taken me a while to get on here to write this post because I couldn't find the words to express my sadness. I feel as though I've lost a child (I know I have friends on here that have lost a child, so I am in no means downplaying your pain) but Cheyenne was my 3rd born baby. She came during one of my hardest points in my life and seen me through many more. She's seen us through the birth of 3 of our kids, and nannied all of them, plus others. She seen me through many illnesses, surgeries, and would even warn me before I fainted with anemia all times. She slept in our bed on the lonely nights during deployments, she protected our home and babies, I've even felt like she "took" some of the illnesses from me. She always brought much comfort to me during sad times, and many laughs and happiness to anyone who needed. She got excited at the mention of names like Nana, Aunt Mina, or Ashley. She knew everyone's schedule by heart, and loved anyone with all she had to give. Today we laid our precious baby girl to rest after 13.5 years. I feel lost, I can't even explain. I laid beside her while she took her last breath, and felt such pain in my chest. My eyes burn from all tears. But I know she is in heaven, whole, happy, and in no pain. Cancer sucks! πŸ’– Cheyenne Marie Parker will live forever in our hearts! πŸ’– 1.28.2007 - 5.26.2020 til we meet again baby girl! Momma loves you!Bonnie ParkerTrinity, FloridaMay 27, 2020
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