Kase Mae
11/22/2005 - 5/14/2020Kase Mae
My “little puppy” .
You came into my life over 14 years ago. I remember when I first brought you home and how frightened you were at such a young age. I spent hours swaddling you, comforting you, and holding you close. I cherished the days as I watched you grow, laughed (and sometimes cried) over the shenanigans you pulled, then scoop you in my arms and reminded you every day how much I loved you.
Nothing melted my heart more than the many times you’d sit next to me and nudge my arm with your nose. I knew what you wanted so I’d put my hand down next to you and you’d slip your paw in my hand as we’d sit there holding hands for as long as you wanted.
You were my closest friend. Always by my side, followed me from room to room, kissed me goodbye when I had to leave, and greeted me with pure excitement when I came home. You never once made me feel unwanted.
You had a way of talking me out of bites of my dinner even when you had a bowl of your own food. We played ball every day and I cheered you on as you ran as fast as you could or leaped high in the air to catch it before it landed. Even in your old age when it was hard to get around your ears perked up when I held up a ball. It was time to play! And even though you could no longer run or leap in the air, I’d hold it a few feet away and toss it to you. You could still catch like a young pup and I still cheered you on.
You’d hang close basking in the sun as I worked in the yard. I often commented how you were ok with me doing all the work as you lay in the grass watching. You’d wag your tail as if to laugh at my sarcasm.
Our walk time was special- just you and I, as we’d walk through the neighborhood for as long as we wanted. In the last year our walks grew shorter as your ability to travel grew harder. A short walk across the street then back home again was as far as you could take, but it was still “just you and me” time.
I can’t put into words the loss I feel or the ache in my heart since I had to say goodbye to my “little puppy”. My love for you will always be carried deep in my heart. I want to thank you for the many years you brought me joy, made me laugh, showed what true love feels like, and where people failed- defined the true meaning of loyalty.
Enjoy the fields of heaven my little treasure. I’ll see you again someday-I love you sweet girl.
Angela HicksTroy, OhioMay 27, 2020
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