11/25/2007 - 5/27/2020Jake was the sweetest dog in the world. Weighing at 95 pounds, some people were afraid of him just because of his size. But little would they know that he was mostly the one who was afraid. He would always hide in closets during thunderstorms and peek his head out from my pants. He was a complete sweetheart, full of trust and love. A perfect companion. A perfect best friend. He knew whenever I was sad. He would keep me company in my room and we’d watch TV and movies together until we fell asleep. His favorite food ever had to be American cheese. Before he was immobile, he loved going for walks and sniffing all of the trees. He loved car rides and feeling the wind on his face. He was a very gentle dog. Even when feeding him, he would always take a treat from you with caution and be incredibly gentle. He was very, very handsome and also very hairy. His hair would get everywhere every day. But I never minded.Ariana DimouCommack, New YorkMay 29, 2020
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The love we feel for our pets transcends our ability to express it, but I could always sense the unshakable adoration that Ari felt for Jake and vice versa. It was clear from his gentle nature that he was given the best life a dog could ask for.Tim Atchison - May 31, 2020
Jake was the sweetest dog there ever was. We miss him terribly.Julie Dimou - May 30, 2020
i remember when Ari took Jake home and how happy it made her. now we both had dogs! i loved when we sent pictures of our dogs to eachother. i wish they had gotten to meet because they would have been best pals, like me and ari! but i know that they finally have met and are both in doggy heaven eating treats together and running around happy.
jake was always a cuddly, warm soul who could cheer Ari up when I couldn’t and I was grateful for that. It cheered her up especially when he stared at her pants in the closet!
Jake, i’ll miss you. say hi to max for me and we’ll see you all on the other side
gina malatesta - May 30, 2020

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