5/10/2006 - 5/28/2020Sammi, there is a place in my heart where you will always live. You took such good care of me. You always knew what I needed to do and you nagged me until I did it. You were the boss and you were so very brave. You came into my life right when I needed you. Letting you go was so difficult.
I remember how you would lay on the floor (or the sofa) with your two front paws crossed. You looked so regal, you earned the nickname "princess." You looked after your fur sister Rudy. You knew she was shy, so you showed her how to be brave. You would do all the barking at strangers and Rudy would hide behind you. But, Rudy is braver now, she barks at night like you used to do and walks up to the front door like you showed her to do. You loved to gnaw on those old cow bones; so did Rudy and you and she would very politely steal from each other. I will miss the pile of bones and toys that regularly traded places. You loved to ride in the car and go on spa days with Rudy. I will miss your excited face when the door of the car opened. I know you thought you could talk and I swear I thought I knew exactly what your were saying.
When my mother died, you took care to stay close, When Gary passed away you were there again to comfort me. Now you are gone and Rudy comforts me, but she misses you too and I comfort her as well. I remember you Sammi, I will always remember you. You made my life better for having you in it.
Cathy FlandersCrofton, MarylandMay 29, 2020
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She was a sweet, beautiful girl <3 She was lucky to have been part of your family, and I know you feel lucky she found her way to youRachel Klickman - June 2, 2020

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