2/11/2005Teent-z was loved by everyone who met her. She would always meet you at the door barking at you with her lil nub just wagging, and chased after you when she heard your krys, cause she didnt want you to go. She was always by my side when I was home, she would follow me to do laundry, in the kitchen for dishes, or cooking dinner, or even to the bathroom. She would get up in the middle of the night to check on everyone in the house by sniffing by their bedroom doors to make sure all was ok. Teent-z never asked for much just to have a sample of what you were eating and for your loving hand to not stop petting her.. She would be there if you were upset and had this calmingness to her as she would lick your tears away. She loved to share in our joy and would jump up and down, all the time when she was happy/excited.katrina cymbalistyconcord, North CarolinaMay 29, 2020
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My heart is heavy for you. Our pets are family and we love them the same. My heart is heavy for you.Cyndi Hodge - June 2, 2020
I love you so much wooby and I will miss you every day. You grew up with me and were the best friend I’ve ever had. I miss you greeting me at the door and when I’d wake up. I miss hearing your little feet tap against the hardwood floor, I miss your sweet smile and you licking my tears away when I’d cry. I miss giving you my leftovers and you keeping me warm when you’d sleep by me. This house will never be the same. I love you so so much my bean🖤Alexis Cymbalisty - June 1, 2020
She was a sweetheart, loved by a wonderful family.Grace Williams - May 30, 2020
I miss you more and more everyday. I still linger to hear the patting of your feet on the floor while your checking on everyone during your nightly rounds. I miss your lil face when I get home from work and your not at the door to meet me. I miss the feel of your warmth at night and your paws pressing against me when your stretching out in bed at night. the house does not feel the same with out you, there is a deafening silence without you around. although I do have you back home (ashes) I will keep you in my heart forever, as "Dogs leave permanent foot prints on our hearts", until we meet again my sweet best friend< I love you forever..Katrina Cymbalisty - May 30, 2020

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