11/5/2005 - 5/23/2020It has been exactly a week since we put our little boy Snuggles to sleep. (He was 14 years old) I have tried many times to go on to the memorial site and write a little something but it has been to hard for me. I miss my little Snuggles so much, I am so heart broken a little piece of me is missing. Snuggles was the craziest little guy. Loved his mama very much followed me everywhere even when he went blind he still managed to find me around the house. And if there was food he was there! We are going to miss him very much. I’d like to think this is not goodbye but more like see you later, we will see each other again. Mama loves you Snuggles always .Andrea SchneiderDavie, FloridaMay 30, 2020
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Snuggles was a wild little boy! I remember when he used to try and sometimes did bite my ankle and or Jordan’s and some other ppls ankles.. I don’t think he liked men to much period but he sure loved his momma. He would sit at the door when she would leave and cry pretty much until she got back. He always had to let everyone know that someone was at the door.. he was the real door bell because you didn’t really even hear the door bell because he barked so loud to announce visitors. He had this red shine in his eyes and that for sure was a little devil in there with everyone else but his momma.. He will be missed this little crazy guy. Run free my little friend without pain or any speed bumps.. until we see you again.. you have many friends across the rainbow bridge🌈 .. play on little buddy.. 🥺😢🐰Linda Howie - June 7, 2020
To my buddy, little did we know what we were in for when we took you home. You were a funny pup. Yes you were a moma’s boy but dad didn’t mind hanging out with you to. You were still my buddy. It was hard watching you go but I know you are in a better place. You will be missed and never be able to be replaced.Dee Schneider - June 2, 2020

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