7/15/2001 - 5/31/2020My precious, sweet Junie — so many, many years of joy. Such a diminutive kitty. Your spunky personality, your velvety black fur with the white star, your talkative meow and your BIG purr — all these are deep in my heart and my mind’s eye. Darling girl, I miss you so much. The house feels empty to your sibs Mitzi and Zander, and to me. Thank goodness for nineteen years of happy memories. Now you’re running free with Milo and our other dear ones. I’ll never forget you, and I love you!Laura BargerGlenview, IllinoisJune 1, 2020
Light a Candle

Dear Juniper, the new shining star way up in the evening sky,
May your tender light shine down on Laura forever.
She misses you so much, but remembers every darling part of the tenderness you endlessly showered on her.
May your light twinkle in her heart always.
Sarah Berto - June 2, 2020

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