Casey Cosmo
10/23/2007Casey has been my little bossman for so many years. He has always been the one to make me hurry up and get up in the morning we have a routine and he will be first out and first to get a cookie. If your eating there has to be something on that plate for me I'll wait til your done if you hurry lady. Casey would always get so excited to see me go sit on the sofa it meant he would be picked up and put on the sofa. If your hands were full he would gruff at you till you pick him up I find it very hard to sit on the sofa now even with three others around me.Wendy EDENNEW PRT RCHY, FloridaJune 3, 2020
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Casey was such an amazing boy who loved his mama so much!Dr. Nil - June 3, 2020

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