Ember Blaze Nolan
5/1/2010 - 5/31/2020Ember was adopted from Last Hope Animal Shelter on Long Island at approximate age of 3 years old. He was shy and didn't know how to run in a backyard, fetch a stick or ball. He grew with our family as the first family dog and he was warm and welcoming when each family member came home. He loved to walk around his big backyard, and lay in the shade under a tree. He loved to be close by my feet when working on computer. He was a good pet and family member. He taught our children the deep love and loyalty of a dog, and they each found their own pets when they moved out. Ember loved to play with his cousins dogs, Leo and Oakley in the yard, and he loved to bark and softly growl at his daddy when he came home in uniform. Ember will always be cherished and his memories will live on in all of us. We were grateful to be with Ember so peacefully as his time came to let him go. We did not want his pain to take him down. Ember we loved you long and hard and there is emptiness in our hearts for you. πŸ˜’β€πŸ˜’β€πŸ˜’β€πŸ•β€β€Julianne Nolanwest Babylon, New YorkJune 3, 2020
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Ember was the most awesome first doggy that any family could have ever had! I will never forget the day we went to bring a furever friend home, we were drawn to Ember right away. He didn't bark like crazy at us, he wasn't super outgoing, and that is when we figured he had to be ours so we could love him unconditionally. He was never really one to play or fetch, we tried a lot. He was just the chill dog who liked belly rubs, treats and being outside. For me it was somewhat difficult being away at college and not spending quality family time with Ember, so I had that much more joy when I would walk into the house or drive up and Ember, would go crazy excited for me to be home. We really had a special bond! Up until my last trip home to see Ember, he would get up and cry and howl and nudge my leg for all the love.

His doggy mommy, gave him the best tender loving care any human could ever give a pet. It is because of her love and nurturing that we got an extra 2 very special years with our Ember.

It was very difficult letting go of our sweet first family dog, but we were all at peace having our last moments with Ember in his favorite yard and being able to surround him with our love.

Fly high sweet Ember Blaze, until we meet again.

I love you!
Big Sister Jennifer
Jennifer Nolan - June 3, 2020

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