4/1/2004 - 6/3/2020THE THAITHAI.. well. Life was wonderfull with our Zander. but Tiffany who worked at the precious puppy.. calls me at work to say " mom the most adorable papillon puppy just arrived here, i brought zander and this pap pup and he are loving each other.. welll... i said no no no no no .. no more dogs..... so after work my car all by itself drove it's way to the store.. and this wee little pap who was in a crib was quite the imp.. wiggling & kissing me..when i walked away he had the most adorable wee bark and i would go back for to love on him more.. cuddles kisses wiggles.. this went on for almost 2 hours.. well the owner of the store says.. why don't you take him home for a SLEEP OVER.... SUCKER BUTTON AGAIN PUSHED>. so tiff drove home in her car with the zanderman.. and i had the Thai-Thai... trying to figure out how on earth i was going to explain this one to my HUBBY.. who happend to drive up at the exact same time that we did.. so picture me getting out of the car with this wiggly bundle of love .. and holding him out to my hubby .. (batting my eyes the whole way.. saying.. just hold him for a min while i open the front door.. well my hubby was .. no way.. not going to hold IT.. no no no no more dogs... well we convinced my hubby that he was a Rowswell on his terms..he had to Name him.. and you should have heard the names he was coming up with.. We decided that we would have a naming party.. and invited all our friends over for the fun.. what name to name this wee papillon imp.. the dinner party was quite the blast.. we cooked Thai food for everyone.. and when anyone asked for more THai .. the imp would come running.. hence.. how he earned his name.. THAITHAI... ( but my hubby and Son inlaw have a better name for our Thai.. AssPain LOL) well life went on and the Thai-Thai was quite the playfull little imp.. but he started loosing weight.. and getting very mopey.. wouldn't eat.. his hair felt like Hay.. i just had no cluewhat was wrong.. and when he reached 6 months old we had scheduled his big vet appointment to get him Neutered.. i got a very nerve racking call at work.. The vet couldn't do the operation and they needed my approval to do lots more test.. i was extremely confused.. why ..what was wrong with my Thai-Thai.. they kept saying they weren't quite sure what was wrong.. but his blood work came back very bad.. and his liver values were way off. this started quite a new chapter in the Rowswell Household.. We followed the vets instructions but my little imp was failing horribly. we called it the eehore mode.. is was sooo horrible.. the vet did tons of blood test , MRI's and cat-scans of his liver ,the pictures they showed me and explained this little 7 month old papilons liver resembled a liver of a 16 year dog who was in liver failure. his gall bladder was full of sludge. we even attempted a biopsy.. the bills were piling up. almost over $12,000 spent and still no solution.. poor Thai-Thai was down to a mere 2.8 lbs. just skin and bones. his body was in atrophy.. the vet insisted we euthanize him that he wouldn't last more then a few months.. if that.. and if he did he wouldn't live past 2 years of age the damage done was extentive and not reversable... this after putting us through $12,000.00 dollars worth of testing medicines foods.. well I fired that vet ( and ignored my mom ... love you mom) I did lots and lots of research. i reached out to the vet schools ( i learned way too much about the liver. enough to be dangerous) in the search i found one college that was doing studies on puppy mill dogs who were liver compromised.. well.. our ThaiThai joined this research.. and he is their prize Success story. I cook for him every day .... we did lots and lots of Vitamin b shots.. lots of special holistic healing practices. body messages to get the blood flow. my baby Thai will be 12 this APRIL 1st.. he fooled them all. (This was written 4 years ago my thaithai turned 16 this past April and on june 3 was helped over the rainbow bridge he is out of pain and at peace .....) he is still the playfull imp.. He still is sir Barks-Alot.. and Mr Wiggles... and adores playing with squeekey toys.. we go on walks everyday.. and when he tires out we put the imp in the stroller... he is one special fur-baby.. and every day with my Thai-Thai is an amazing day.. full of unconditional love. This story was written 4 years ago my Thaithai turned 16 on April 1 2020 this year and yesterday he was put out of pain thank you Dr brennock ....we sent him over the rainbow bridge he was my heart puppy thank you all for reading his amazing story I will forever love my impJodylynne RowswellJupiter, FloridaJune 4, 2020
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Thai Thai proved that love and care can do wonders. Both of you were lucky to have found each other. Thank you for sharing an amazing story.Diane Dellapietra - June 13, 2020
Thai was a special little man. Definitely one that surpassed all the odds. He will furever be in our hearts! We love you Thai Thai. 💗Krissy Brooks - June 13, 2020
In memory of sweet little ThaithaiSandy Gibson - June 6, 2020
Condolences :( ThaiThai will be forever with you. Cherish the memories, the love she gave you & the good times.robin Joachim - June 5, 2020
Thaithai you will be loved in heaven as much as you were on earth....What joy you brought to your family's lives for so many years. You will be so desperately missed but we know you are pain free running which is the Grace and such a comfort <3Gayle Ross - June 5, 2020
He was such a sweet pup, my knitting buddy when I came down for a visit.
I will miss you sweet boy. 😘🐶
Joanne Miller - June 5, 2020
Rest in peace sweet ThaiThaiSharon Galbraith - June 5, 2020
Such a great story... Thank you for taking time to share your life with Thaithai. Never give up...Brian Dendis - June 5, 2020
Thai was a wonderful dog who loved to hog his mommy’s attention. He truly had 9 lives.... guess no one told him he wasn't a cat. He’ll be greatly missed.Samantha Rowswell - June 5, 2020
Wishing you all the best during this difficult time. God give you comfort.Lyndell Penney - June 5, 2020
I love you ThaithaiJodylynne Rowswell - June 5, 2020

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