Leo Lou
3/1/2002 - 5/20/2020Where do I begin??? It has taken me over 2 weeks to get the courage up to share a memory of my sweet boy Leo! His passing has left me breathless. But how blessed am I to have had something to love for 18+years?. He was the last of my triplets to leave me. He was my only boy...Leo had 2 sisters that went before him. As you can tell from this picture he was a non stop talker and could be quite demanding at times. Oh how I miss your different meows, your head butts and how you would fly down the stairs and enter a room even at the ripe old age of 17. You were smart, loving and the best little companion any girl could ever have. I will forever miss the nights when I couldn't sleep and you were right by my shoulder to keep me company. Saying goodbye to you was the hardest thing I have ever done because your mind was all there but your little body was failing you so I had to let you go. Thank you so much for always being there for me and especially during the dark years I had to endure during my divorce. I am happy you are no longer suffering and you are with June Bug, your favorite sister, and Ixtapa your other sister. You are forever in my heart and I am so thankful God gifted me you!!! Leo Lou forever my sweet boy!Deborah WilsonMATTHEWS, North CarolinaJune 4, 2020
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In honor of my sweet boy Leo...blessed for the 18 years I got to be your Momma...thankful for the endless memories!!!💙Debbie Wilson - June 5, 2020
Such a handsome, special boy! I'm so glad those three babies found their way to you!Jennifer Walters - June 4, 2020

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